Mastercard and Visa are examples of brands that use the power of sound to drive recognition for services they provide hidden behind digital platforms. Having developed their own payment sounds, Mastercard and Visa found a subtle way to drive their brand experience when services are integrated seamlessly into digital transactions. If Mastercard and Visa will manage to build a holistic audio strategy along with the introduction of these payment sounds, we will see a strong boost in their Best Audio Brand score in the next years. Following Mastercard’s efforts in that direction, we expect to see a great boost in their performance next year.

We hereby make a reasonable and limited use of the music samples under the “fair use” doctrine, for the limited purpose to analyse and comment upon the various examples of audio branding elements, and to contribute to further the culture and understanding of audio branding, without deriving any financial gain from such use, and in trust that no financial harm be caused by such limited use to the copyright owners. We will nonetheless remove any audio, at first demand, of the respective copyright owner.