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Consistent use of sound assets builds trust, which is half the battle when it comes to driving long-term customer value in an increasingly fragmented competitive landscape. Think of the vast number of options people have online in sectors such as leisure, travel, fashion, FMCG, media, entertainment, home furnishings, utilities, telecoms – to name a few! If your customers are using audio search, how will you stand out as a possible option and how will you facilitate the transaction? Will your brand come with a halo of trust established through long-term exposure to audiences?

Even, brands such as Intel (one of the first to leverage a sound logo), which has established strong recognition and reinforced trust through sonic branding, will need to adapt their audio strategy to embrace the wider digital world we all live in. Using that single sound logo across new service media may not be as effective as recent studies have proven.[1]

Other brands, such as Shell, will face a similar problem; although Shell has invested in a robust audio brand strategy, comprising of several assets and adaptions, the brand must ensure it sounds authentic if it is to build customer trust in the long-term.

[1] Bonde, A., & Hansen, A. (2019). Audio logo recognition, reduced articulation and coding orientation: Rudiments of quantitative research integrating branding theory, social semiotics and music psychology [Pdf] (1st ed.). Copenhagen: Sound Effects: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience. Retrieved from

noteworthy Brands:

The noteworthy Brands are brands that have more than a sound logo, but don’t use the other assets consistently or only within a very specific market or product.

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