Best Audio Brands 2019

Here you can find all brands listed in the Best Audio Brands 2019 Ranking.

Our ranking revealed that many of the most powerful brands in the world still have some distance to go before they can be considered to have a truly holistic, and efficient, audio brand strategy.

Indeed, of the 100 brands covered in the 2019 ranking, only 22% can be said to be using sound effectively and even among the top performing audio brands there is significant scope for improvement.

McDonald’s and Disney were ranked as joint top performers in the Best Audio Brand Ranking, each achieving a score of 51/100 points available. Intel, Apple and Coca-Cola also scored well enough to make it into the top five audio brands, whilst the likes of Shell, Netflix, Nescafe, Google and Amazon made the top ten.





This first Best Audio Brand Ranking has revealed that a very large number of brands are using sound but, whilst an audio strategy is very much on the agenda for the world’s leading brands, they haven’t necessarily determined where it could take them next.

Those looking to improve their standing should focus their efforts on developing a holistic sonic identity; which is not only ownable, but easily adaptable to new contexts and customer experiences, some of which we cannot even imagine today.


We analysed content that was published in 2018. However, we considered the longevity of the assets used in this timeframe because assets that have been used for a long period contribute to consistency, hence, trust and recognition.